First CLOVERFIElD 2 Photos !?!

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‘Cloverfield 2′

It’s only been a few months since all of the Cloverfield viral madness quieted down to a silent murmur. Well, J.J. Abrams just won’t stand for any quietness on that front.

Today, two photos from Cloverfield 2 appear on the Internet. Is this the sound of the Cloverfield 2 Viral marketing campaign roaring to life? It just might be. Take a look at these black & white photos that seem to show a bunch of baby Cloverfield monsters scurrying across the ocean floor

Secret document from


SUB – 4767

Translator: [BLACK]

(In progress)

ATSUMI: (unknown) with all firepower…..(static)… one left

4767: [BLACK]


4767: (unknown) the pieces?

ATSUMI: (unknown) like it’s searching for them or (unknown)

4767: What about the VIP (unknown) to evacuate?


4767: [BLACK]


4767: [BLACK]

ATSUMI: The eco-terrorists had some (unknown) ware in the (unknown) containment rooms. It’s been lost. They’re all dead.

4767: (unknown) We’ll notify the publicity administrator.

ATSUMI: It went after them.

4767: (unknown)

Atsumi: Nothing. We even tried using the (unknown) remnants. We can’t get a link. It hasn’t…(unknown)

4767: [BLACK]


4767: (unknown)

ATSUMI: What? I didn’t hear you? Oh, no, no! (screaming)

4767: (overlapping) (unknown)

ATSUMI: I can’t..(screaming) — Transcript Unfiction

UPDATE: February 2009

According to JJ Abrams, a sequel of some sort could be in its early stages, much to fans’ delight.

At the Star Trek panel at WonderCon Abrams told:

“We’re actually working on an idea right now,” Abrams told the packed crowd. “The key obviously at doing any kind of sequel, certainly this film included, is that it better not be a business decision. If you’re going to do something, it should be because you’re really inspired to do it. It doesn’t really have to mean anything, doesn’t mean it will work, but it means we did it because we cared, not because we thought we could get the bucks. We have an idea that we thought was pretty cool that we’re playing with, which means there will be something that’s connected to ‘Cloverfield,’ but I hope it happens sooner than later because the idea is pretty sweet.”

More info: Cloverfield 2 Details: WonderCon ‘09

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  • Kurt Schafer says:

    It seems to be the ocean floor where the monster may have awakened, and the army or something is down there looking around then spots all those little clover parasites and they start attacking equipment. I just know that this is underwater very low part of the ocean, ground of the ocean pretty much.

  • Gene Grammer says:

    Those are from the first cloverfield!

    • Emenji89 says:

      You idiot, none of that was in the first movie nor were the photos around when the first movie was in production you dumbass.

  • f00by says:

    Have you tried seeing what is at the root of the website that had the images… anyone tried to get in??

  • dan lynch says:

    i agree with the idea that thats where they hatched on the sea – cos that was an easter egg cos at the end you see cloverfield land in the sea (when the man and woman are on the ferris wheel – on the right in the background)

  • mitch says:

    The creature has been asleep under the ocean for a very long time. The splash you see in the end is a satellite falling from the sky. The thing that woke the monster up was a japanese drilling company. i got all this information in the last 20 minutes by reading JJ Abrams interviews.

  • tom says:

    is that the ocean floor or is that cloverfield and those are the parasites???

  • derek says:

    did anyon here, even bother to listen to J.J.Abrams commentary, or watch any of the special features? he specifically says “…it was just a baby lost….” key word “BABY”, look it up in the movie before you come on here and put your opinion, duh -.-“

  • SeaDonkey says:

    TBH, this is all stuff that people who followed the original ARG knew. The manuscript seems to fit with a video that was leaked of the attack on an oil rig.

  • Grendel says:

    the splashdown in the water at the end of cloverfield, was a downed sattelite, the creature woke up after a long time when it was disturbed by a recovery crew for said sattelite. nuff said

  • eduardo says:

    it was a satellite, i think the sequel will revolve around finding what the monster is and why is it there.

  • Mr. Wiggles says:

    does anyone think that the monster when its attackin the oil thing looks
    smaller than the one in the movie??
    i think it does

  • dom says:

    the one showing the parasites is a close up of maybe another monster, not the ocean floor.

  • quagmire says:

    Maybe the parents died million of years ago, maybe that what killed the dinosaurs. The next film may show you more hatching from under the ocean, and the monster from the first clover feild will grow into bigger and stronger, a male or a female, maybe even Asexual. But i hope its the mummy and dady theme.

  • Anonymous says:

    Look at the scene in the first Cloverfield where the soldiers are attacked by parasites (pic 1) turn it black and white and add a fake submarine and you have the bottom of the sea.

    As for the combo pic 2 and 3 are the scene where the three main characters are attacked in the helicopter leaving the city. Again, black and white, clear up some of the smoke, and place another submarine, this time over the other person in the copter, and a chunk on oil rig debris or something, and you have a deep sea Clover monster in a wreck

  • Anonymous says:

    If you read the transmission it says that some of the employees were killed and that the ecoTarrist got something. And if you watched all of those videos of the foreign news casts you would know that they were running away or evacuating. Now when it goes back to the oil rig there is a man in a red baggy suit, his face is blured but in the transmission says that the terrist is wearing a bio hazard suit. Maybe he made one of ther satalites crash and it woke the monster. and those photos are pics os some sort of chambers attached to the rigs going down to take pictures of the habitat and it wakes up and destroys it like the end of all the video’s.

  • nico says:

    I think that the next movie will be based on the point of view of one of the men sent to recover the salelite from the bottom of the ocean and in that transmission it says that that someone panics and screams and this is probally due to the discovery of the monster that was awoken because of the satelite

  • BuckWild says:

    I think the next movie will be from the cloverfield monsters perspective !

  • Mike says:

    I plugged the coordinates that are on the first pic in the bottom right hand corner into google earth and the coordinates are pretty much right in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean in between North America and Europe. Maybe that’s where the monster was first hatched? I dunno.

  • Tristan says:

    I like where that one guy was going with the fact that these are photoshopped, and I agree, Cloverfield 2 will be from the monster’s perspective and his search for love in a lonely world.

  • Hallio says:

    I doubt they’ll bring anymore monsters like Clover into the next film since Clover isn’t dead yet. When the army firebombed manhatten it destroyed nearly everything however in the end credits after the music played and all you’re hearing is a garbled transmission, that played backwards is actually someone repeating ‘its still alive’.

  • Anonymous says:

    i had a dream last night about the monster.but not just the clover monster a bunch took place by a cornfield by my house.the sequel date is 1-19-09 thats a couple days from now


    The next film will be along the lines of ’28 Weeks Later’ you will be looking to a july 2010 release date. i really cant say anymore.. sorry.. will try to let you guys no more, but its really not worth my job

  • radu says:

    AAHHH! 0_o Guys…that is not the bottom of the ocean , thats another monster ,a big one , those are parasites on its back.

  • Anonymous says:

    Clover Was Awoke by revoery for said satilite, monster wakes up, looks for mama, searched for land.Hay Manhattan! F**** that up!

  • D-Nubz says:

    Peekaboo! I can see you..

  • William says:

    Look at the the location co-ordinates on the bottom left the photos. copy any of these digits into google earth and you’ll get a shock. enjoy.

  • Scott says:

    William I don’t get anything by doing that.

  • ben says:

    just to let you guys no the parasites/baby clovers come out o the gills/air sacs on the side of the head, maybee clover is the mommy and is just trying to propagate and survive all the while destroying the human race is just an after effect to it

  • Will.P says:

    put it into google earth and those co-ordinates r in the middle of antlantic what is so shockin about that???????

  • Steve says:

    Put co-ordinates into google earth. Yeah the ocean does look good today doesn’t it?? WTF?????

  • darkmarvel83 says:

    what ocean do the coordinates point to? and how far off the coast is it?

  • CloverBoy says:

    Why must so many of you not pay attention to anything? The least you could do is read other people’s comments.
    As a few others have said, the thing that fell in the end was a satellite. That’s what woke Clover up.
    All you need to do is watch the Making Of and Visual Effects options on the extra of the DVD. It’s not that hard.
    Ant another thing, NO Clover was not the mama of the parasites. The creator specifically says Clover is a BABY. And if they’re called parasites, that means they were trying to love off of Clover for whatever reason. Parasite does NOT = Baby.
    I’m quite looking forward to the sequel, and in everything I’ve been able to find so far on the internet, which isn’t much as I’ve just started, says that the movie is most likely going to be the same event by another person’s point of view. I admit, that’s a little disappointing as I don’t know how much information about Clover will be shown, but at least it’s a sequel. I just hope whoever the next “camera person” is finds out more then what we did inn the first movie.

  • clovey fan 2 says:

    i wonder if this is also part of the viral marketing for cloverfield 2 lol…

  • Brodie says:

    I saw those pics in a magazine about the war of the worlds about 4 years ago

  • Moi! says:

    From all ur comments sounds like a decent bit of ideas flying around. Who knows which way this will go! im hoping it will be pretty good as i got quite into the first cloverfield and i must admit im itching to know if the monster died or not.

    As for cloverboy, a baby technically is a parasite! the fact that a baby will leech off the mothers nutrients via the umbillical cord to grow, isnt that a parasite? Either way yeah should be a good movie =D!!

  • Tommy says:

    if you look very closly at the end of the movie to were cam is pointing out in to the sea when they visit cony island is it?, look over to the right and in the sky you will see a little misile splash in to the sea, i was unable to notice this first time when i watched the dvd, but after watching it in HD it was clear to the eye, it’a a cam that was sent down, check it out. :0)

  • an says:

    I work for Paramount Pictures, and yes there will be a sequel,Only from a different persons point of view. I cant spill anymore sorry



  • The N/A Way says:

    did you guys see the symbol at the end of “Index of /usgx8810b467233px/ref.” the smudge is a pic not a character when you go to
    (just strange is all)

    also has anybody got into

  • Scarletspider85 says:

    I’m no expert, but I have several theories based on stuff I’ve heard… Firstly I agree whith the guy who said that it is a satelite at the end, but it’s oil drilling that brings the creature to new york. What are the chances of a satelite falling to earth and hitting the exact spot were the creature has lay dormant? Secondly the recording from coney island is taken days before the attack (I forget how long but i’m certain it’s days). What has the creature been doing that close to the shore for that length of time? One interisting thing I’ve been told, is that the oil tanker that is capsized at the beginning is the reason for the creature being in manhattan. The monster having followed it in, which sort of backs up the oil drilling theory. I’ve also heard it may have somthing to do with alge being harvested from the sea by the slusho company. Not really sure. As for the sequal, one rumour is footage from a soldiers camera. Would ceartainly allow more in the way of explanation of the monsters origins?

  • rogerklotz says:

    ROFL Photoshopped??? Are you retarded. Your claims dont even hold true. Do you even know how to use photoshop, or are you just one of those kids who yells PHOTOSHOP whenever they are in disbelief.

  • rogerklotz says:

    N/A Way – that symbol is just an icon for the folder… – That symbol (sword) is the logo for the U.S. Government's case file of the "Cloverfield" incident …

    The supplemental files on the Cloverfield DVD were all titled usgx8810b467___px (numbers appear in the blank). Sharp-eyed players noticed that the files were all named with a GX, and that the numbers at the end of the filenames matched those of the Fibonnaci Sequence. The only missing number in the series was "233". Thus, the "missing GX file" was found, and subsequently, the site. is a site hinted at through the MissingTeddyHanssen blog. At first it featured a blank white page requiring a username (alysehanssen) and password (11112014349). Once accessed, the site shows four links (so far), three to images and one to an unaccessible "parent directory".

  • The N/A Way says:

    yeah since checking out the slusho site etc that symbol is on everything

  • Shenanigans says:

    oh god… in the ferris wheel scene that wasn't the monster landing, that was a Slusho satellite. They went to go look for the satellite's remains which made the monster wake up. This means that the things poping off of the monster in the streets could have come off in the ocean aswell and started to destroy stuff. The slusho company or the military might have gone down into the ocean to search for remains to try to stop it or w/e… there are so many videos with info about this movie on the net, people need to look harder.

  • Daniel says:

    So many idiots, especially ben.
    And yeah, J.J Abrams HAS said that it was a baby and that the sequel will “probably” be from the point of view of another camera man.
    These images do appear to be the same shape as the parasites that Clover SCRATCHED OFF OF IT’S BACK BY RUBBING UP AGAINST A BUILDING in the first film. This was also confirmed by J.J Abrams.
    Another thing i keep hearing about is that Marlena was shot once she was taken behind the screen. J.J Abrams said that although it was a cool thought, she exploded. You can clearly see it if you slow it down, i recommend it, its awesome.

  • anonymous says:

    those images are from a (crap) ARG that took 5 months of my precious life: “aladgyma”

  • The Warrior says:

    Remember when HUD ays that he left his phone at the apartment? well… maybe someone used HUDS phone to record the nights events. I just thought of that yesterday lmao!!!

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