Kevin Bacon in X-Men: First Class?

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Kevin BaconJust in case you haven’t had enough of X-Men: First Class news, we’re here to share the latest one with you! Kevin Bacon has been offered the role of the villain in Matthew Vaughn’s upcoming movie.

Now, please don’t ask us what that villain is, because we had enough of character – rumors for one week! Ok, we’re joking! There are speculations that Bacon will play Mister Sinister.

So, until something official comes, let’s see who this Mister is:

“Mister Sinister is a genetically altered human with superhuman physical and mental abilities. Mister Sinister was granted powers through genetic alterations by Apocalypse, and throughout the years has used genetic material from other mutants to grant himself a truly vast array of superhuman abilities.

Mister Sinister possesses superhuman strength, stamina and reflexes. Mister Sinister possesses the psionic abilities of telepathy, telekinesis, and mind control. Mister Sinister has the ability to psionically paralyze a foe or “turn off” the power of another mutant. Mister Sinister is capable of energy projection and flight through telekinesis.

Using genetic material from the mutant Courier, Mister Sinister gained complete control of his body at the cellular level, allowing him to shape-shift, regenerate and be virtually immune to injuries. The character has exhibited the ability to teleport, though the Beast believes this is accomplished through his tesseract headquarters. Mister Sinister is also a scientific genius, with expertise in the fields of biology, genetics, cloning, physics and engineering. The character is a master manipulator and planner, with decades of genetic research at his command.”

Yeah, this sounds awesome for an actor like Kevin Bacon, don’t you think? If this turns out to be true, Bacon will join James McAvoy (as Professor Charles Xavier) and Michael Fassbender (as Magneto) and all that, still speculated cast-list that you can check out in our previous reports.

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