No More Nightmares For Robert Englund

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Robert Englund

With a face like an over cooked rice pudding and a sneer fit to curdle milk, the fizzog of Freddy Krueger is as iconic as you’re going to get in the world of horror.

Alas for those that worship at the temple of this slash handed demon of dreams, the man that made the legend, Robert Englund is now almost certainly not going to be reengaging on his nocturnal mission to dice American teens into long bloody strips.

Speaking with Bad Taste he said… “I’m too old for this new version; otherwise it would be Freddie vs. Viagra”. Now this sounds like diplomacy on the part of Englund to me. Under the prosthetic burns, there’s no real telling how old the lad is. New Line and Michael Bay’s Platinum Dunes are determined to start completely afresh and stuff the fact that the whole thing that made Freddy so memorable in the first place was Englunds portayl of the character.

Being a big fan of Michael Bay, Englund would welcome a cameo but that’s as far as it goes.

Recent horror remakes involving masked killers such as 2007s ‘Halloween’ have all floundered rightly on the shores of lake half assed. Imagine what’s going to happen when they try it with a character that’s so intrinsically linked with a particular actor like Freddy.

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