Venice 2013: Philippe Garrel’s LA JALOUSIE Trailer and Images

La Jalousie, or if you prefer Jealousy is an upcoming French drama from director Philippe Garrel, and one of the titles that compete for Golden Lion prize at this year’s Venice Film Festival. Today, we’re here to share some great (black & white) images and the official trailer for the movie which revolves around two romantically entwined theater actors, played by Louis Garrel and Anna Mouglalis. Head inside to check them out.

Garrel directed the whole thing from a script written by Marc Cholodenko and Caroline Deruas-Garrel, and follows an impoverished actor who tries to make his girl-friend a big star. But in spite of all his efforts he cannot get her proper roles. Eventually she falls in love with another man and cheats on him.

In other words, Louis Garrel (the son of director Philippe) plays a 30-year-old man who lives with a woman in a small, furnished rental. He has a daughter by another woman – a woman he abandoned. He’s a theatre actor: very poor, but madly in love with this other woman, played by Mouglalis.

She was once a rising star, but all offers of work have dried up. The man does everything he can to get her a role, but nothing works out. The reall mess starts when she cheats on him, and then leaves him. He tries to kill himself, but fails. In hospital, his sister comes to visit and stays by him. He has no one but her, and the theatre…

Beside Garrel and Mouglalis, the rest of Jealousy cast includes Rebecca Convenant, Olga Milshtein, Esther Garrel, Arthur Igual, Jérôme Huguet and Manon Kneusé.

Let us know what you think about the project and stay tuned for more festival-updates!