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2 Teasers, One Spooky Trailer & Official Poster For Horror Movie REEL EVIL!

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2 Teasers, One Spooky Trailer & Official Poster For Horror Movie REEL EVIL!

REEL EVIL The truth is unimaginable – the evidence is unmistakably evil! Huh, this movie definitely looks creepy but, as you’re going to see – at the end the truth must be known. We finally have the first official trailer & poster for Full Moon’s Reel Evil, but hey, this is our first report about the whole thing, so I will also add two great teasers (I think they’re even better that the trailer) and some cool photos from the movie as well. Horror-fans, hope you’ll enjoy! So, I’m sure you already know, but I will still remind you that this found-footage feature comes from director Danny Draven, and is written by Shane Bitterling. The movie centers on Kennedy, Cory and James, three struggling filmmakers who finally catch the break they were looking for when they are hired to shoot a behind-the-scenes documentary for a major studio production.
But their dream job quickly turns into a nightmare when they explore the legendary, haunted location and find something far worse than anything Hollywood could create.
Terror becomes reality for the filmmakers as they uncover the malevolent secrets of the hospital, and the sinister doctor who once ran it. Trapped inside the hospital with no apparent way out, the crew is tormented by the evil, unspeakable fear.
The movie stars Jamie Bernadette, Jessica Morris, Kaiwi Lyman, Jim Tavaré, Kyle Morris, Christian Edsall, Sandra Hinojosa, Michael Cline, Jeffrey Adler and Lino Dumont. Reel Evil releases to DVD and VOD on December 4th, 2012. REEL EVIL Poster Check out the images below (click on image for better look) and let me know what you think about this movie! REEL EVIL Image 01 REEL EVIL Image 02 REEL EVIL Image 03 REEL EVIL Image 04

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