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Don’t Miss: First Teaser Trailer For A SINGLE SHOT, Starring Sam Rockwell!

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Don’t Miss: First Teaser Trailer For A SINGLE SHOT, Starring Sam Rockwell!

A SINGLE SHOT A simple man, a tragic accident and Sam Rockwell – that’s what A Single Shot is all about! Ok, to be honest, David M. Rosenthal‘s upcoming movie has an awesome cast on board, the story sounds promising as well, but probably the best thing is that we finally have the first teaser trailer for this crime drama! Check it out & let us know what you think… A SINGLE SHOT Image 01 As you probably know, the movie is actually an adaptation of Matthew Jones‘ novel of the same name, which revolves around a simple man named John Moon who, while stalking a deer out of season, accidentally shoots and kills a teenage girl… [jwplayer mediaid=”144896″] The rest of the story goes like this:
When trying to dispose of her body in a cave, he stumbles upon a hefty sum of money. This starts a tense and thrilling adventure and a deadly game of cat and mouse between hunter John Moon and the hardened backwater criminals out for his blood. John Moon will need to outsmart those hunting him down to save himself and his family.
Beside Sam Rockwell who plays John Moon, A Single Shot also stars William H. Macy, Ted Levine, Kelly Reilly, Melissa Leo and Jeffrey Wright. The movie premiered at Berlin International Film Festival this February, but is still without an official release date. As usual – we’ll keep an eye on it, so make sure you stay tuned! A SINGLE SHOT Poster
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