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Academy Award Special Bets for 2011

OSCAR Awards

Academy Award Special Bets for 2011

Academy Award Special Bets for 2011 As the Oscars look even more predictable than normal this year (Colin Firth is 1/50 to win Best Actor!) Bodog has come up with a few bets to help the long evening be a little more entertaining. bet: How many of the big 3 award winners (Director, Actor, Actress) will visibly cry when receiving their award?
  • None: 4/7
  • 1: 3/2
  • 2: 5/1
  • All 3: 20/1
Oscars Specials – How many times will the word Thanks or Thank You be used in the acceptance speech of the Big 3 Awards (Director, Actor, Actress):
  • Over/Under 20: 10/11
What will be the Predominant Color of Natalie Portman’s Dress at the Awards Ceremony?
  • Black 3/1
  • White 3/1
  • Blue 4/1
  • Cream/Beige 9/2
  • Pink 9/2
  • Red 5/1
– Will Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds attend the Oscars together? Yes 6/1 – Will any Oscar recipients fall on their way to the stage? Yes 15/1 – Will Geoffrey Rush be wearing a hat? Yes 6/4 What do you think?
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