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Avengers Tops the 2012 Blooper List

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Avengers Tops the 2012 Blooper List

The Avengers Mistakes Hollywood may be on course for a blockbuster summer, but that hasn’t stopped eagle-eyed viewers from spotting a few things the filmmakers hoped would go unnoticed. Moviegoers have submitted 15 errors in the bllion-dollar heavyweight Avengers movie to fansite, together with plenty of others from more films, including self-repairing wounds, magically-changing clothing, and historical inaccuracies.

The top 5 most mistake-ridden movies of 2012 thus far:

The Avengers – 15 mistakes:

In multiple shots where Iron Man is flying around the city, there are cuts on his forehead. However, when he is lying on the ground and Thor rips the face mask of his suit off, the cuts on his forehead have disappeared. When Loki says “You don’t have the Tesseract yet”, The Other moves to him with his right hand raised. The shot cuts and it is now his left arm. The Königsstraße in Stuttgart is located in the city’s main shopping area, not its cultural center as the film would suggest. Check out the trailer for the film.

The Avengers wallpaper The Avengers wallpaper The Avengers wallpaper The Avengers wallpaper

The Hunger Games – 13 mistakes:

When Katniss is sleeping up in the tree before the wall of fire starts, her sleeping bag has vanished – in the shot just before that she had it on.

Underworld: Awakening – 10 mistakes:

When Selene dodges the flamethrower, her boots go from heels to flats, only to return to heels moments later.

Battleship – 8 mistakes:

The missiles fired at the aliens during the boardgame inspired scene are shown to be Standard Missiles (SM-2) when leaving the launcher, then Tomahawk cruise missiles when flying towards the aliens.

Men in Black III – 4 mistakes:

The flag of Spain shown at Cape Canaveral in 1969 is not the official one used at that time, but the one adopted 12 years later, in 1981. At the 1960s HQs, K places his hand on a notebook. A shot later it has jumped next to a typewriter. When K suspends J, the small cup on the counter keeps changing positions and moving further away between shots. (update: 63 mistakes!!!) The complete list can be found at The Avengers wallpaper The Avengers Wallpaper


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