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THE BIBLE Miniseries Head To the Big Screen

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THE BIBLE Miniseries Head To the Big Screen

JESUS-played-by-portuguese-actor-diogo-morgado History’s ‘The Bible‘ miniseries ended up being a massive hit on both TV and DVD. The network is now planning to take the seven-hour series to the big screen. Executive producer Mark Burnett on Monday at NBCUniversal summer press day said:
We’re cutting a movie version right now, a three-hour version of Jesus and (we have) many, many offers from theaters globally.
Burnett added that the movie version will have a big focus on the Resurrection. He is aiming for a fall release. Burnett’s project already has an established entity with a hungry legion of fans as the miniseries has frequently managed to beat most broadcast shows. Meanwhile, ‘a whole year’s projection for DVDs was sold in 6 days.’ If you prefer their Old Testament a little larger, Obama-esque Satan and all, be ready for a big-screen adaptation of the History Channel’s immensely popular miniseries. The Devil In 'The Bible' Here’s a preview of final episode.
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