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Bond 007- 23 Pre-Production Stopped

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Bond 007- 23 Pre-Production Stopped

James Bond Most analysts agree that commander Sir James Bond, an officer of the British Secret Intelligence Service (SIS; commonly MI6). is a romanticized version of Ian Fleming, himself a jet-setting lady-killer. He was created in January 1952 by British journalist Ian Fleming while on holiday at his Jamaican estate, Goldeneye. Fleming underlined Bond’s Scottish heritage in admiration of Sean Connery‘s cinematic portrait. There have been 22 films in the EON Productions series to date, the most recent of which, Quantum of Solace, was released on 31 October 2008 (Total Box Office $586,090,727) The news comes just two weeks after reports of $500 million in fresh studio funding suggested Bond 23 could be back on track for a November 2012 release — a particularly important date, as it marks the 50th anniversary of the first Bond film Dr. No. Variety has confirmed a report by Total Film that the pre-production has been halted on the repeatedly delayed 23rd Bond movie while the harassed studio awaits bids on its assets. An MGM spokesman said scripting is still under way. Following MGM voluntary bankruptcy on 4 November 2010 Bond 23 was in a reorganization plan by MGM and has been given a release date in November 2012.Sam Mendes has pulled out of negotiations to direct futuristic thriller The Hunger Games because MGM is ready to move forward with production on Bond 23, and shooting could begin around mid to late 2011 for a 2012 release. So, Bond 007 fans should not be too upset by it. On the writing and pre-production process Michael Wilson was also quoted to have said:
“I think we’re at the stage where a lot of ideas are floating around that sound very good, but whether they make the final cut, who knows?”
And, if you’ll recall, this is the second time the ‘Bond 23 has halted’ news has been re-reported. Last time was July 2010.If they have the capacity to proceed with the deal, this will be the second time Sam Mendes and Daniel Craig (James Bond) have worked together – the first being on the set of Road to Perdition. James Bond  007 James Bond  007 Wallpaper (1920 x 1080 px)
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