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Bradley Cooper Set To Star In Spy Thriller DARK INVASION!

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Bradley Cooper Set To Star In Spy Thriller DARK INVASION!

Bradley Cooper First- time Oscar nominee Bradley Cooper is set to star in an upcoming adaptation of Harold Blum‘s book Dark Invasion for Warner Bros. Sounds good? Well, I’m sure it does, especially ’cause we’re talking about a spy thriller which will apparently take place in 1915 America during World War I. Check out the rest of this report to find more details about the whole thing, and let us know what you think! So, according to Deadline, Harold Blum‘s book (which will be released this year on September 11th) is a true spy thriller set in 1915 when Germany, with:
…war raging in Europe and the U.S. still neutral, decides to send their Secret Service to America to wage a covert war to keep this country from helping the Allies. The Kaiser’s spies bomb factories, sabotage ships, shoot JP Morgan Jr (a financier of the Allies), bomb the U.S. Capitol Building, and set up an anthrax lab six miles from the White House.
As for Cooper, he’s attached to play the New York police captain named Tom Tunney who is tasked with forming a team that will bring German spies to justice. At the end of this report, let us also add that Cooper is also set to produce the pic together with John Lesher and Adam Kassan for Le Grisbi. For more updates on Dark Invasion – stay tuned!

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