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Bruce Willis On Die Hard 5, Unbreakable 2

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Bruce Willis On Die Hard 5, Unbreakable 2

Bruce Willis wallpaper Bruce Willis has announced that a  Die Hard 5 is in the works, according to MTV. The actor kickstarted his career as a big-screen action man playing New York cop John McClane in the 1988 blockbuster, which spawned three follow-ups. While promoting upcoming Kevin Smith cop comedy Cop Out (hits theaters nationwide on February 26), lead star Bruce Willis has revealed that sequels could be coming for his Die Hard and Unbreakable characters. In fact, a Die Hard 5 could begin production as early as next year for the action star if the pieces come together.
“I think we’re going to do a Die Hard 5 next year,”
Willis told the site. He also added that he would like to see an international feel to the new film. “It’s got to go worldwide,” the actor said about the potential plotline.
That would be my contribution to it.
He also said that he would like Live Free or Die Hard director Len Wiseman to direct this new film. He also told MTV that there is a potential sequel to his 2000 film Unbreakable happening as well.
I talked to [Shyamalan] over the holidays, and he is still thinking about doing the fight movie between me and Sam that we were gonna do,
he said.
We chose to do the origin,
he explained, indicating that there was discussion early on about whether Willis’ character and the villain played by Samuel L. Jackson should square off in the first movie or a sequel.
As long as Sam can make it, I’m up for it,
said Willis. Produced on a budget of $110 million, Live Free or Die Hard opened in theaters on June 27, 2007, taking down an opening weekend of $33.3 million. It would eventually go on to gross $383.5 million worldwide for 20th Century Fox. You can checkout the interview below…
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