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Check Out Official Featurette For Irish Horror Film CITADEL!

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Check Out Official Featurette For Irish Horror Film CITADEL!

CITADEL They see your fear! Psychological horror? Some strange mix of agoraphobia and creepy children? Or simply – an upcoming Irish horror movie Citadel? Whatever, really, the thing is that we finally have an official featurette to share with you, and I’m sure you’re going to love this (let’s be honest – pretty weird) story which comes from writer & director Ciaran Foy. Citadel centers on a guy named Tommy Cowley who lives a quiet life (it all starts with the normal life!) in a decaying apartment complex with his highly pregnant wife. But one day, they are attacked by a group of hooded young thugs, and after a shocking act of violence, Tommy is left to raise his newborn daughter alone. Shaken by the events that he’s developed extreme agoraphobia, Tommy alternates days hiding out indoors in his new flat from imagined threats and intense therapy sessions aimed at bringing him back to normalcy. When the same hooded gang, seemingly intent on kidnapping his daughter, begins terrorizing his life again, he’s torn between his paralyzing fear and protective parental instinct. With the help of a vigilante priest who has uncovered the genesis of this ruthless, potentially supernatural gang, Tommy must overcome his fears and venture into the heart of the abandoned tower block known as the Citadel to save his family. I will have to be honest with you, that synopsis part is not bad at all, but I became totally interested in Foy’s movie after reading the part of Drew McWeeny‘s review of Citadel which goes like this:
The film just deals with how horrifying it is to try to deal with caring for an infant while grappling with a psychological disorder that makes almost every single daily action seem harder than it should be.
The movie stars Aneurin Barnard as Tommy and James Cosmo as the priest who helps him, while the rest of the cast includes Amy Shiels, Jake Wilson, and Wunmi Mosaku. According to their official Facebook page, the movie will (finally) open in USA on November 16th, 2012. So, anyone interested?
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