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Check Out Olivia Wilde & Liam Neeson In THIRD PERSON Set Photos!

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Check Out Olivia Wilde & Liam Neeson In THIRD PERSON Set Photos!

THIRD PERSON Set Photos When it comes to Third Person movie – I’m a total mess, I admit! First, I thought that one part of the story will center on Liam Neeson and Kim Basinger. Then, Adrien Brody came on board to star in the whole thing as well, so I just said to myself – hey, it’s not bad, Olivia Wilde could be his partner! But now, I have Neeson and Wilde on these new images and I have no idea what to think about Paul Haggis‘ upcoming drama! Help! One thing is for sure – this movie definitely has an awesome cast on board. Beside the above mentioned names, it also stars Mila Kunis, James Franco and Maria Bello. They will all tell us three stories, set in three different cities and of course – they are all (and please, don’t ask me how exactly!) interconnected. But, what I also know is that Neeson and Wilde are playing characters named Michael and Anna, their love story is set in Paris and goes like this:
…he’s a writer who recently left his wife, then he receives a visit from his lover Anna, and then the story explores their very complicated on/off relationship due to her inability to commit because of a terrible secret.
Well, that’s it! Kim Basinger is that poor wife and Neeson & Wilde are lovers! It’s all clear to me now – I’m a fucking genius! Anyway, the rest of the movie is reserved for Julia & Rick in New York, and Sean & Monica in Rome. But that’s not important at this moment, because we’re apparently in Paris now so let’s see what Michael and Anna are doing out there, shall we? UPDATE: Back to that complete mess part again! Apparently, these photos are not from Paris, it’s Rome! Click on the images & take a better look! THIRD PERSON Image 01 THIRD PERSON Image 02 THIRD PERSON Image 03 THIRD PERSON Image 04 THIRD PERSON Image 05 THIRD PERSON Image 06
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