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Christoph Waltz Joins REYKJAVIK, He Will Star As Mikhail Gorbachev!

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Christoph Waltz Joins REYKJAVIK, He Will Star As Mikhail Gorbachev!

Christoph Waltz

Cut his hair, shave his beard, add that funny birthmark on his head, and he’s the same Mikhail Gorbachev! Believe it or not but this is not a rumor, and Christoph Waltz is really on board to play the former Soviet leader in Mike Newell‘s upcoming Reykjavik movie. But, that’s not the only strange thing about this project, because in case you’ve missed it – Michael Douglas is already on board to play Ronald Reagan.

Anyway, the movie will tell us the story of the famous meeting in Iceland’s capital city in 1986, between the two premiers that signalled the end of the Cold War – the former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev and former president Ronald Reagan.

Kevin Hood stands behind the script, while Headline Pictures, Scott Free Productions, Participant Media and Mark Sennet Productions will produce the whole thing.

And I’m mentioning all this because Scott Free president Ridley Scott has already revealed that the film will offer us a unique look into two larger than life figures who served as the catalysts for one of the most defining moments in our history, the end of the Cold War.

Filming of this project should start in March in Reykjavik, Iceland and Studio Babelsberg, Germany.

We’ll keep an eye on it, but let me ask you just one thing – Waltz as Gorbachev?

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