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Cirkus Columbia by Danis Tanovic, Venice Film Festival 2010

Venice Film Festival

Cirkus Columbia by Danis Tanovic, Venice Film Festival 2010

Ok, here we are to continue our little chat about this year’s Venice Film Festival and some interesting titles that we’ll have a chance to see on its traditional home on the Venice Lido. Cirkus Columbia Mira Furlan and Miki Manojlovic in Cirkus Columbia Danis Tanovic (No Man’s Land, Triage) and his project Cirkus Columbia is definitely one of them, which is already being described as a “romantic saga” which “covers the end of a century that tragically announced the arrival of a new era in the Balkans”. Here’s the Cirkus Columbia synopsis: “A small town in south Herzegovina, in the wake of the war. After years of communist rule, a new democratic government is elected, and this means that all the sinners of the ex-system are suddenly forgiven. This is a sign for Divko Buntic to return home and start a series of little revenges after years of exile. He comes back with a new wife who is forty years younger than he is, a new Mercedes, a black cat and loads of money. His first successful act of revenge involves throwing out his ex-wife and son from a house they lived in together. For a while, it looks like Divko is winning and that money can achieve everything. But then, life takes the upper hand. The black cat, his biggest pride, disappears one night. Martin, his son and Azra, his new wife fall in love. War starts knocking on the doors of the small town. Just about when everything begins to turn black for Divko, he makes a comeback by regaining the only thing he ever really wanted and the real reason for his return: His ex-wife.” Main cast includes Miki Manojlovic as Divko Buntic, Mira Furlan as his ex-wife Lucija, Boris Ler as his son Martin, Jelena Stupljanin as his much younger girlfriend, Milan Strljic, Mario Knezovic and Svetislav Goncic. Director Tanovic co-adapted the story based on Cirkus Columbia novel by Ivica Dikic. Producers of the movie are Mirsad Purivatra, Marc Bachet, Cedomir Kolar and Amra Baksic Camo. We wish them good luck at Venice Days! [youtube][/youtube]

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