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CNN Pick Top 10 Horrific Movie Moments

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CNN Pick Top 10 Horrific Movie Moments

“Ring” movie photo

The CNN cable news network has chosen its top 10 most spine-tingling moments in film history.

If you do or don’t agree you can also make comments on the same commentary page. [CNN]

Here is the list beginning with their #1 choice.

  1. “Ring”
    (Hideo Nakata, 1998)
  2. “The Thing”
    (John Carpenter, 1982)
  3. “The Orphanage”
    (Juan Antonio Bayona, 2007)
  4. “Misery”
    (Rob Reiner,1990)
  5. “Alien”
    (Ridley Scott, 1979)
  6. “The Birds”
    (Alfred Hitchcock,1963)
  7. “The Fly”
    (David Cronenberg,1986)
  8. “The Texas Chain Saw Massacre”
    (Tobe Hooper,1974)
  9. “Don’t Look Now”
    (Nicolas Roeg ,1973)
  10. “Event Horizon”
    (Paul W. S. Anderson, 1997)

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  1. Bond, James Bond

    June 29, 2008 at 2:12 am

    “Your mother sucks ****s in hell, right? I mean, am I alone here or is seeing a little kid do creepy possessed stuff considered as horrific momment? And personally, The Thing was not horrific. It was spooky. Like Mulder.

  2. Rob

    February 23, 2010 at 1:45 pm

    Yeah, I’d agree with these for the most part.

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