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Daniel Craig’s (James Bond) Latest Injury

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Daniel Craig’s (James Bond) Latest Injury

Daniel Craig, Quantum of Solace

James Bond actor Daniel Craig was rushed to the hospital after he injured his hand while shooting an action scene. Craig had a big cut on his finger on the set of the latest Bond movie “Quantum of Solace” at Pinewood studios in Buckinghamshire, Britain. Witness said:
“There was quite a lot of blood and it was decided he needed to leave the set and see a doctor. Some people are beginning to think the film is jinxed. During filming in Panama, Daniel injured his ribs. And a technician was stabbed in Austria by a woman he met in a bar. In Italy, a stuntman crashed an Alfa Romeo and a mechanic drove an Aston Martin into a lake. Just last weekend a fire damaged some sets at Pinewood”
A spokesperson for the movie said:
“Daniel Craig did sustain an injury to his hand. Craig later returned to the set.”
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