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Eddie Murphy Not Retiring

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Eddie Murphy Not Retiring

Eddie MurphyEddie Murphy has quashed rumors he is quitting Hollywood to return to stand-up comedy. His spokesperson said:
“Eddie is not retiring. ‘Beverly Hills Cop IV’ is in development.” The ‘Nutty Professor’ star is desperate to rescue the ‘Beverly Hills Cop’ franchise after the “horrible” third instalment.
Speaking to MTV, Eddie said:
“The third ‘Beverly Hills Cop’ was horrible! I didn’t want to leave it like that. The first two were cool and the third one was s****y. Let’s get the franchise fixed again, clean up this old mess and do a good movie. “Don’t just leave Axel with his thumb up his a*s from the last movie. “Whatever happened to Axel Foley? He’s sitting in Detroit with his thumb up his a*s since ‘Beverly Hills Cop III.’ Let’s take those thumbs out and make a great movie!”
Eddie, 47, admits he is still proud of playing the wisecracking detective because of the widespread recognition it brought him. He said:
“When I go overseas they still call me Axel Foley – kids call me Axel Foley. “I think that character, it resonated like no other movie, like nothing that I’ve done before.”
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