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Watch: First TV Spot For ELYSIUM

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Watch: First TV Spot For ELYSIUM

Elysium, -Matt Damon and Sharlto Copely Two months ago we shared the first trailer for Neill Blomkamp‘s upcoming Elysium movie, now we’re back to add the first TV spot for the whole thing. As you’re about to see – this summer, Blomkamp and his team are bringing us a paradise a world away from Earth. Nice looking 30-sec video, head inside to check it out & let us know what you think! [jwplayer mediaid=”161634″] You already know, but my job is to remind you that Blomkamp directed this sci-fi spectacle from his own script which takes place on a ravaged Earth and a luxurious space habitat named Elysium. The film explores political themes such as immigration, health care and class issues ’cause, in case you forgot, Elysium is nearly free of crime, war, poverty, hunger, and diseases, while the Earth is full of pollution, crime, poverty, and war. We’re in 2154, and everything is possible…
The only man with the chance to bring equality to these worlds is Max, an ordinary guy in desperate need to get to Elysium. With his life hanging in the balance, he reluctantly takes on a dangerous mission – one that pits him against Elysium’s Secretary Delacourt and her hard-line forces – but if he succeeds, he could save not only his own life, but millions of people on Earth as well.
Starring Matt Damon, Jodie Foster, Sharlto Copley, Alice Braga, Diego Luna and William Fichtner, Elysium is set to hit theaters on August 9th, 2013. While you’re still here, make sure you check out some pretty cool images from the movie, and as usual – stay tuned for more updates! Elysium Elysium Poster
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