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Fast and Furious 4 movie photo USA Today has debuted the first three official photos from Universal Pictures’ “Fast and Furious 4“. The fourth installment of the street-racing saga will enjoy a rarity among franchises: the return of original stars. Vin Diesel and Paul Walker reprise their roles as outlaw and cop. Even Justin Lin, who directed 2006’s Tokyo Drift“, has been surprised by the franchise’s reach. Lin says:
“I was in Barcelona, and a kid from Spain comes up and just says “Fast and Furious”. It’s amazing how many kids know it.”
Vin Diesel:
“We were doing a movie about illegal racing before most people even knew how popular it was.” How many franchises are that based on the real world?”
But it’s not all current events, Walker says. “Who doesn’t like fast cars and hot women?” The Justin Lin-directed action-thriller, opening June 5, 2009. Fast and Furious 4 movie photo Fast and Furious 4 Fast and Furious 4 movie photos  

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1 Comment

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