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First Captain America Poster!

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First Captain America Poster!

Captain America: First Avenger The first poster for Captain America: The First Avenger has debuted online, courtesy of Marvel and Paramount. The film is set in 1942 and tells the story of how Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) goes from a skinny kid with an itch to kill Nazis to a superhero called Captain America, thanks to a top-secret military program called Project: Rebirth. Haley Atwell plays his love interest, Major Peggy Carter, while Sebastian Stan has stepped into the role of sidekick Bucky Barnes. Hugo Weaving, meanwhile, plays Red Skull, Hitler’s über-evil weapons chief and, inevitably, the Captain’s adversary after he forms plans to use a fantastical device called the Tesseract to conquer the world. Captain America: The First Avenger opens on July 22nd and also stars Toby Jones, Samuel L. Jackson, Dominic Cooper, Tommy Lee Jones, Stanley Tucci and Neal McDonough. Here’s the poster. Post you opinion about it and if you’d like it or not

Captain America: First Avenger Poster Captain America: First Avenger Poster

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