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First Clip From BAD KIDS GO TO HELL, Opening Today!

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First Clip From BAD KIDS GO TO HELL, Opening Today!

BAD KIDS GO TO HELL Well, just in case you still have any doubts about this movie, we’re here to share the first clip from Bad Kids Go To Hell and to inform you that you have nothing to worry about – it looks pretty cool actually. As you already know & see from our title, the movie opens today, so consider this report as a quick reminder or something like that. Let’s go! BAD KIDS GO TO HELL Image 01 Directed by Matthew Spradlin, the movie is based on the best-selling comic book of the same name written by Barry Wernick and Anthony Vargas. [jwplayer mediaid=”127430″]
It follows six private school students from Crestview Academy, home to the spoiled offspring of society’s elite, who find themselves stuck in detention on a frightfully dark and stormy Saturday afternoon. During their 8-hour detention, each of the six kids falls victim to a horrible “accident” until only one of them remains.
Bad Kids Go To Hell stars Ben Browder, Ali Faulkner, Roger Edwards, Marc Donato, Cameron Deane Stewart, Augie Duke, Amanda Alch, Jeffrey Schmidt, Chanel Ryan and Judd Nelson, and as we said, it opens today, December 7th, 2012. BAD KIDS GO TO HELL Image 04
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