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First Trailer for INESCAPABLE Featuring Marisa Tomei

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First Trailer for INESCAPABLE Featuring Marisa Tomei

Inescapable - Birkett A homegrown film Inescapable that makes its debut at the Toronto International Film Festival is potentially poised to become a breakout hit, or at least it will get some positive attention. Award-winning Cairo Time director Ruba Nadda takes her star Alexander Siddig with her in latest feature film in Damascus, Syria searching for his daughter, who has disappeared with little trace. Alliance Films have released the first trailer for the film which looks like a twist on Taken and coincidentally hits select theaters in Canada on September 14th, 2012, a few weeks ahead of Taken 2. The supporting cast includes Marisa Tomei with a somewhat odd accent, Oded Fehr and Joshua Jackson. No U.S. shingle is on board just yet. [youtube][/youtube] Here’s the official synopsis:
One afternoon, on a typical day at work, Adib is confronted with devastating news: His eldest daughter, Muna has gone missing in Damascus. Now Adib, who has not been back in over 30 years, must return to Syria and deal with his secret past in order to find her. Inescapable is a thriller about a father’s desperate search for his daughter and the chaos of the Middle East he left behind.
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