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Harrison Ford Aims to Kill Off Indiana Jones in Next Film

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Harrison Ford Aims to Kill Off Indiana Jones in Next Film

Indiana Jones | Harrison Ford Veteran Ford really aims to kill off Indy at the end of Indiana Jones and the Eternal Cross of Paradise? Does Doctor Henry really got a sendoff from Harrison or this is another rumor installment? Till we find out if iconic hazardous explorer would leave the whip to be picked up by his son, let us turn to the past for help. January 3, 2009 The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull finished 2008 as the second most successful movie at the worldwide box office with $ 787 million. July 4, 2009 Spielberg could begin filming Indiana Jones 5 as early as 2010. February 5, 2010 Starring role told Empire Magazine that Ford is ready for Indiana Jones 5 (while talking about Extraordinary Measures, Ford’s most recent box office mega flop disaster). June 11, 2010 Producer Frank Marshall denied the idea that Indiana Jones (Harrison Ford) will have a reduced role with Mutt Williams (Shia LaBeouf) as the primary hero. August 27, 2010 Spielberg has revealed the basic plot script to actor Shia Labeouf (the ‘best value’ actor in Hollywood on new list compiled by Forbes magazine). Indiana Jones The fact is that franchise still makes money. But this time Harrison Ford is simply on “stand-by” and Shia LaBeouf is back, possibly as the main star? Or they just need a better script? What do you think? Full Title: Indiana Jones and the Eternal Cross of Paradise Release Date in Cinemas Theatres Multiplexes: No earlier than May 2012 Director: Steven Spielberg Story Idea: George Lucas Script Writer: Unknown Cast of Actors: Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones, Shia LaBeouf as Mutt Williams, John Rhys Davies as Sallah and Karen Allen as Marion Ravenwood Indiana Jones | Harrison Ford | Raiders of the Lost Ark Indiana Jones first graced the big screen in 1981’s ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark.’ During its opening weekend, the film pulled down $8 million, a healthy box office for the time. Plus, the film cost only $18 million to make, and has brought in nearly $400 million since its release.

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