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Harvey Keitel, Catherine Deneuve Set For Romance Film

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Harvey Keitel, Catherine Deneuve Set For Romance Film

Harvey Keitel-Catherine Deneuve

Reservoir Dogs actor Harvey Keitel and Oscar-nominated actress Catherine Deneuve are set to portray late-blooming romantic lovers in their twilight days in yet-untitled romance drama, marking Robert Cantarella’s feture directorial debut.

The film follows the story of a Brussels-located divorcee (Deneuve) who, upon the death of her boyfriend, relocates to Los Angeles, where she becomes a waitress and meets Keitel’s character, with whom she starts a passionate relationship.

Deneuve and Keitel are set to play late-blooming lovers in an untitled romantic drama helmed by first-timer Cantarella who is a renowned French  theater playwrite-director.

Since 2004, Cantarella has produced documentaries and fictional films and this year he is proposing a new text by Christophe Honoré, A Young Man is Killed.

Deneuve’s latest film is a 2011 musical Les Bien-aimés, co-starring her real-life daughter Chiara Mastroianni, while Keitel’s latest is a 2012 romantic comedy-drama film Moonrise Kingdom, directed by Wes Anderson.

Shooting for untitled romance drama will start next fall on location in Brussels and Los Angeles.

Let’s hope there will be the chemistry between the two leads.

Robert Cantarella

Source: Variety

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