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James Bond 23 to Be a Shocking Story

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James Bond 23 to Be a Shocking Story

Daniel Craig and Peter Morgan Oscar-nominated screenwriter Peter Morgan (The Last King of Scotland, Frost/Nixon, The Damned United) has been hard at work on the first draft of the “Bond 23” script from July to October of this year, and for good reason. While trying not to reveal to much, Morgan said:
“It’s a shocking story. Bond creates a hysteria around it, one that I haven’t previous known. It’s a magnet for publicity – everyone wants to know what’s going on with the new Bond”
According to reports back in 2007, Daniel Craig will still be playing James Bond for at least three more movies. Pre-production on Bond 23 has been put on hold because MGM is still looking for money or a new owner. Despite the issues it’s expected that filming will commence at the end of 2010 for a release November 2011.
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