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Johnnie To’s DRUG WAR To Premiere At Rome Festival; Watch The Trailer

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Johnnie To’s DRUG WAR To Premiere At Rome Festival; Watch The Trailer

Drug War 03 Spaghetti Western homage Django Unchained was rumored as the potential secret film at the now-in progress Rome Film Festival, but Quentin Tarantino was unable to complete the film in time, so it was announced Johnnie To‘s new thriller Du zhan (Drug War) was the second and final surprise selection added to the festival’s 15-film competition. Gritty yet stylish action is billed as the famous Hong Kong director’s first actioner shot in the Chinese mainland, telling the story of a police captain’s efforts to break up a major cocaine ring with the help of an arrested drug lord.. The film stars Louis Koo, Sun Honglei, Xiao Cong, Yin Zhusheng, Gao Yunxiang, Huang Yi and Wallace Chung. The festival previously announced that Yi Wu Si Er (Back to 1942) from Chinese director Feng Xiaogang was the first surprise film in the main competition. New and English subtitled trailer for the film has just arrived, having a consistent To’s style, which involves mixing subdued realism and social observation with highly stylized visual and acting elements. Check it below. [youtube][/youtube]
Captain Zhang (Sun Honglei) and his team will stop at nothing to track down drug criminals. When drug lord Timmy Choi (Louis Koo) is captured, he is offered a deal to help Zhang bust a major drug ring. But Captain Zhang doesn’t trust Timmy Choi is truly betraying his partners. He becomes more and more suspicious as steps are taken to raid the ironclad drug factory…
Drug War Still Drug War 01 Drug War 02 Source: THR
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