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MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE Play with designs, play with the characters, try new things, maybe go too far on some things and pull back. Sounds interesting! We already reported that Jon M. Chu is officialy on board to helm the Masters Of The Universe, but we had no idea why he chose He-Man & the company. I mean, it’s not that we think he’s not the right person for this movie, but still – what’s so special about it? Check out the rest of this report to find that out! So, in an interview with Celebuzz, Chu admitted that at first, he was quite skeptical about the project but then he read the script and was blown away:
I had no idea what to expect but it was such a fresh, UNEXPECTED approach I was immediately intrigued. I never expected to connect on a human level to a MOTU movie but I really plugged in emotionally. That alone, got me excited to see what we could do with the property.
What’s definitely good to know is that Chu is a huge fan of Grayskull, BattleCat/Cringer, Stratos and Orko and He-Man and Skeletor. That’s why he promised:
This is my era, so going to Mattel to visit their headquarters was like walking into a childhood fantasy. For every MOTU fan out there, it felt like it was time and I wanted to make sure to protect it in the process.
And when it comes to the new Masters Of The Universe, Chu feels that the prospects of doing the film are almost limitless. Here’s what he said about that:
I feel like there’s a lot of room to crack open the Masters of the Universe story. We are still in our process and I think we have some great seeds planted but making one of these types of movies RIGHT takes a lot of TONAL tightroping so we’re just going to play for the next several months. Play with designs, play with the characters, try new things, maybe go too far on some things and pull back. The process is really important to find where the right line is so we can land right on it. I think that’s what can dig out the properties full potential for a cinematic rebirth.
Not bad at all! Still, let us remind you that Prince Adam and Skeletor will have to wait, because Chu’s first priority right now is G.I. Joe: Retaliation:
We are finishing the dimensionalizing of the film and I want the audience to be blown away by the 3D work we do in it so that takes a lot of my time and energy currently. It’s a lot of technical and creative stuff put together which I love. I can’t wait for people to see what we’ve done, finally!
As usual, with every new update on Chu’s upcoming projects – we’ll be back! Stay tuned!
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