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KILLING SEASON Trailer & First Pics: Serbs Are The Bad Guys! Again…

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KILLING SEASON Trailer & First Pics: Serbs Are The Bad Guys! Again…

KILLING SEASON I’m definitely not interested in this so-called action thriller, but hey – Robert De Niro and John Travolta are on board for Killing Season, so I’m sure you’ll be happy to see the first trailer and images from the whole thing. Same old Serbs-are-the-bad-guys plot, only this time through the eyes of director Mark Steven Johnson and his screenwriter Evan Daugherty. You know the apocalypse is coming when you see that Snow White and the Huntsman writer stands behind the story about the Yugoslav war. [jwplayer mediaid=”159848″] The golden rule of work is that the bosses jokes are ALWAYS funny. I wish I could say the same thing about Travolta’s awful Serbian accent, ’cause then – this terrible story would actually make some sense. KILLING SEASON Image 01 KILLING SEASON Image 02 KILLING SEASON Image 03 KILLING SEASON Image 04 Travolta is the boss – a European tourist (read: former Serbian soldier) named Emil Kovac, who (somehow) knocks on De Niro’s door and they become (some kind of) friends. But, what De Niro, who plays American military veteran (read: he fought in the Bosnian War) doesn’t know is that Emil is in fact… looking for revenge, what else? He’s Serbian psycho, for God’s sake! KILLING SEASON Image 05 KILLING SEASON Image 06 KILLING SEASON Image 07 KILLING SEASON Image 08 Awwww, man, I’m already bored. Anyway, my job is to inform you that Killing Season opens on July 12th, 2013, and that beside the above mentioned duo also stars Milo Ventimiglia and Elizabeth Olin. KILLING SEASON Image 09 KILLING SEASON Image 10 Check out the official synopsis part, make sure you click on all these images (and poster) to enlarge, and let us know what you think about the whole thing. Or don’t, I don’t give a fuck.
American military veteran Benjamin Ford has fled to a cabin retreat somewhere in the Appalachian Mountains to forget the painful memories of the Bosnian War he fought in. One day, visitor Emil Kovac, a European tourist, knocks on his door, and the two men begin an unlikely friendship. When it develops that Kovac is in fact a former Serbian soldier bent on revenge, there begins a one-on-one confrontation and battle between the two throughout the harsh mountain environment.

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