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Liam Gallagher Wants Johnny Depp For Richard DiLello’s The Longest Cocktail Party Adaptation

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Liam Gallagher Wants Johnny Depp For Richard DiLello’s The Longest Cocktail Party Adaptation

Johnny Depp, The Longest Cocktail Party, Liam Gallagher

Liam Gallagher thought about everything. His In 1 Productions company has the rights to Richard DiLello‘s book titled The Longest Cocktail Party, and of course, when you have the script in your hands, you already start to think about the possible cast.

And, let me tell you one thing, it looks that Gallagher obviously likes Johnny Depp. But, don’t get scared, Gallagher doesn’t want Depp to play one of the Beatles members. No way! Check out the rest of this report to find that out.

DiLello’s book revolves around the last years of The Beatles and their rocky disbanding. Just in case you’re interested in more details, here’s a little description of the whole thing from Amazon:

“When American teenager Richard DiLello wandered into the Beatles’ Apple building in 1968, he was immediately appointed “house hippie.” He began making tea, rolling joints, and listening to dozens of demo tapes. By the time Apple crumbled a few years later he was director of public relations.

Along the way he noted many of the stoned conversations he heard and the insane bits of business he witnessed: one-man bands auditioning in the reception area, Hell’s Angels taking over Saville Row, and the Beatles playing on the roof. Full of period detail, with a riotously colorful cast of characters, The Longest Cocktail Party is fast-paced and funny but also manages to be immensely poignant about the demise of the Fab Four and the death of the ’60s dream.”

Now, it looks that Gallagher wants Depp to play Derek Taylor, the band’s publicist. Here’s what he said in an interview with Q Magazine:

“Derek Taylor was a dude. He’s up there with Lennon. The film script is done. It’s gonna blow people’s minds, man. I’m just waiting to find out when we choose the actors. I want Johnny Depp to play Derek Taylor. It’s got Johnny Depp written all over it, man.”

We’re bit confused with Gallagher’s plans, but who cares, we’ll keep you updated!

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