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Lost footage of 1927 Film “Metropolis” surfaces in Argentina

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Lost footage of 1927 Film “Metropolis” surfaces in Argentina

Metropolis Lost scenes from the legendary sci-fi film “Metropolis,” recently discovered in the archives of a Buenos Aires museum, were shown to journalists for the first time in decades. A long-lost original cut of the 1927 silent film sat for 80 years in a private collection and then in the Museum of Cinema in Buenos Aires, where it was discovered in April with scratched images that hadn’t been seen before. Museum director Paula Felix-Didier said theirs is the only copy of German director Fritz Lang’s complete film. Martin Koerber, a curator at the Deutsche Kinemathek film museum in Berlin said:
“This is the version Fritz Lang intended”
Metropolis, written by Lang and his actress wife Thea von Harbou, depicts a 21st century world divided between a class of underworld workers and the “thinkers” above who control them. Soon after its initial release at the height of Germany’s Weimar Republic, distributors cut Lang’s three-and-a-half-hour masterpiece into the shorter version since viewed by millions worldwide. But a private collector carried an original version to Argentina in 1928, where it has stayed, Ms Felix-Didier said. News of the find excited film enthusiasts worldwide. Mike Mashon, head of the Moving Image section of the US Library of Congress said:
“This is a movie that millions and millions of people have seen since its release and yet, in many ways, we’ve never seen the true film”
Movie buffs are hoping the recovered footage – which likely contains key scenes and pivotal plot points – will solve several mysterious in the dystopian noir, long considered confusing and surreal due to the reformatting. Although the film is badly scratched, the full-length version of the film will be released to the public after its restoration. [via The Guardian] img_14 img_15 img_11 img_7 img_4 img_1 img_5 img_8 img_3 img_6 img_2 img_12 img_9 img_13 img_10
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