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MAGNIFICENT DEATH Adds Nick Nolte And Jeremy Irons

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MAGNIFICENT DEATH Adds Nick Nolte And Jeremy Irons

Nolte-Irons-A Magnificent Death I don’t know, but I’ve been told, Thomas Jane ‘The Punisher’ has been given the go ahead to move forward with a full-length feature based on the western-thriller concept, so the trio of Jane, Nick Nolte and Jeremy Irons will ride in A Magnificent Death. A few months ago, Jane mentioned his plans for a possible 3D Western:
I wrote a Western, and I wrote it for Nick Nolte. I sent it to Nick Nolte, and he loved it. I’m hoping to shoot that sucker this year. If it doesn’t happen this year, well, it’s going to happen.
He then added:
I got Jeremy Irons to come in and do a little part. I’m out to a couple of other actors, but I can’t tell you who they are yet.
And now Variety reports that an indie Western thriller directed by Jane and co-written by Jane and Jose Prendes (Hansel & Gretel), toplined by Nolte, Jane and Irons, follows:
one man’s journey for redemption in the ruthless West — where an ex-soldier is relentlessly tracked down for the murder and rape of a well-to-do woman. He must face mercenaries, tribal warriors, and women of sin to clear his name and uncover the true story behind the manhunt
Well, Jane follows in footsteps of a brief concept video of the film, then known as A Magnificent Death from a Shattered Hand, which he has shown during Comic-Con earlier this year. Jane then commented:
My intention is for the movie to utilize themes that characterize the classic Western films – their exploration of rugged individualism versus civic duty, of personal valor versus the violence of pre-civil worlds – to create a film that works on the level of rousing entertainment.
A Magnificent Death starts shooting in the spring in Utah. Check out his excellent short Dirty Laundry, which saw his return as The Punisher character Frank Castle, also premiered at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con. [youtube][/youtube]
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