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MAN OF TAI CHI Character Posters: Keanu Reeves, Tiger Chen & Karen Mok

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MAN OF TAI CHI Character Posters: Keanu Reeves, Tiger Chen & Karen Mok

MAN OF TAI CHI Character Posters Keanu Reeves‘ upcoming Man of Tai Chi definitely looks promising. You already had a chance to see two action-packed trailers and some pretty cool images from the whole thing, now it’s time for us to add three brand new character posters to our little gallery. Head inside to take better look at Tiger Chen, Karen Mok and… well, Reeves, who else? Let us once again remind you that Man of Tai Chi movie is Reeves’ first in a directing role, it is set in Beijing and revolves around a young martial artist who gets dragged into the shady world of high-stakes underground fighting where there are no rules and it’s killed or be killedMAN OF TAI CHI Tiger Chen Poster MAN OF TAI CHI Karen Mok Poster Or, as Reeves previously explained:
He’s being manipulated by my character and in order to save his temple, he fights. On the one hand, he’s a simple delivery guy, and on the other hand, he’s a very high level martial artist. As his power rises in China, we see his loss of innocence and he ultimately has to confront himself.
Not hard to guess that Chen plays the above mentioned martial artist, while Reeves stars as the mastermind behind the fighting tournament. As for Mok, she plays the Hong Kong cop in the whole thing. Unfortunately, still no official release date for this martial arts movie (read: sometime this fall is the only info we have), but as usual – with every new update we’ll be back. In the meanwhile – click on all these posters to enlarge & let us know what you think! MAN OF TAI CHI Keanu Reeves Poster MAN OF TAI CHI Poster
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