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Marc Forster to Direct Disney’s IMAGINING NATHAN

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Marc Forster to Direct Disney’s IMAGINING NATHAN

Marc Forster

Quantum of Solace director Marc Forster is currently in talks to direct a movie titled Imagining Nathan for Disney.

Confused or not, but it looks that they’re all quite serious about the project which sounds more like a playground for some other director. Or, is it just my imagination?

The movie will apparently center on the character named Nathan, who (as a 6-year old boy) retreats into a fantasy world after his parents are killed. Thirty years later, his sister tries to help him escape his demons, because as an adult, Nathan has been diagnosed with a condition which causes him to live in a cartoon-like world.

See what I’m talking about? Who knows, maybe with some good cast on board…

After all, the other surprising thing about this sudden news is that Disney is behind the whole thing. I mean – one thing is a fantasy world, but this story sounds way too dark even for above mentioned carton-like world.

So, Imagine Nathan for a second, and let us know what you think about it?

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