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Marvel Vs. DC at the U.S. Box Office Infographic

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Marvel Vs. DC at the U.S. Box Office Infographic

Marvel Vs. DC As long as there is some form of art and there are its fans and/or geeks, periodical ‘divisions’ will happen – Star Wars vs. Star Trek, vampires vs. werewolves, anime vs. Western cartoons, Berserk vs… well, nothing can compare to Berserk – moving on, rock/metal vs. pop music, Marvel vs. DC… Which one of the two is better? That is one of the oldest questions and a main reason for fan ‘wars’ – thanks to the general ‘geek’ nature, most of them end up on verbal level, only. In this article, the ‘battle’ focus will be on Marvel vs. DC. Why? Well, the ‘battle’ is already raging – after the big hit with The Avengers, Marvel has five films brewing already, while DC has Man of Steel on the conveyor-belt and plans for a Justice League film, as well as Thanks to, we can present you the infographic showing the comparation between the two, based on their film performances at the U.S. box office over the last fifty years and leveled on a 2012 inflation basis. Depending how you look at it, either of them could be deemed triumphant – one of them has taken more in total, and the other more on average per movie. Here it is – all of the mainstream character movies of both Marvel & DC at the U.S. box office since Batman ‘The Movie’ was first released in 1966: Marvel Vs. DC Infographic I myself am a kind of geek who loves everything almost equally and considers such debates more or less pointless, but I’m really interested in your opinion on this – are you a fanboy/fangirl or not? Which one is the object of your fan-love, and why? Leave a comment!



  1. Sweet Christmas

    September 28, 2012 at 10:13 am

    Both are great flagships, however Marvel has done a much better marketing job in the last decade. DC is run by Warner Bros so they should have all of the movie rights to their project and yet we only see Batman do well. Green Lantern was fun to watch but nothing more. Marvel has done superbly by making movies that show off talent not previously well known to a broad audience (Iron Man). Coupled with The Avengers, it was marketing gold. I am looking forward to phase two. Man of Steel should be good as well on the DC side

  2. unitedguitar

    September 28, 2012 at 2:28 pm

    The problem with this info graphic is that most of the movies on the Marvel side were not made by Marvel Studios or Disney. As far as I know all of the DC movies were made by Warner Brothers which owns DC. If you remove all of the films that were not made directly by Marvel Studios you end up with the Marvel total being $1,800,000,000. This changes the overall total in favor of DC but also changes the average per film to $300,000,000 in favor of Marvel. So, while there are much more films based on Marvel characters (28 Marvel vs. 19 DC), Marvel did not receive all $5.6 billion that their characters earned. This is the one thing that most people have overlooked when comparing DC and Marvel. This is not to say that both side haven’t turned in some stinkers though. Catwoman and Elektra, are you kidding me?

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