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Matthew McConaughey to Star in The Dallas Buyer’s Club

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Matthew McConaughey to Star in The Dallas Buyer’s Club

Matthew McConaughey

Matthew McConaughey is attached to star in the drama The Dallas Buyer’s Club. “The Young Victoria” filmmaker Jean Marc Vallee is poised to direct.

The project was delayed for a while, and then put on hiatus, mainly having to do with the overall story line. Even Brad Pitt did express curiosity to star in it. Excellent Marc Forster had at one time been set to direct it. “Babel” writer Guillermo Ariaga once penned a draft of the script (2002). The producers of awesome sci-fi Children of Men, Strike Entertainment, have long been on board to produce it. Fortunately they still are.

Also Universal Pictures once had their hands on the production, but now they’re independently going full steam on “Dallas” without the studio. McConaughey confirmed:

It’s not exactly the movie that studios are throwing money at these days”

“The Dallas Buyers Club” is a genuine story of Ron Woodroof; a tough Texas electrician who was diagnosed with AIDS in 1986 and given six months to live. Stopped due to lack of medical treatment options and unwilling to agree to accept the death sentence, Woodroof salvation founds using alternative drugs and created a well-paid smuggling business that made those drugs available to AIDS patients. He wound up living six more years and saved or lengthened the lives of numerous others.

McConaughey really hopes he can be the guy who finally gets Woodroof’s tale told.

It’s a great script and a great story and I think it can be a great movie,

he said. In 2008, the feature seemed to get new life when reports had Ryan Gosling coming on to star, with his “Lars & the Real Girl” helmer, Craig Gillespie, behind the camera. But, that didn’t last long either.

The project suits McConaughey’s wish to research further into serious roles — he stars in the upcoming (next weekend) legal drama The Lincoln Lawyer, directed by Brad Furman — and, a plus, the actor’s native Texan.

It’s gotta be tough to be a Texan. Stay tuned for more details on Filmofilia.

Jean Marc Vallee
Jean Marc Vallee

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