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“Mirrors” Featurette and New Photos

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“Mirrors” Featurette and New Photos

“Mirrors” Fox has released a behind-the-scenes video featurette from the upcoming supernatural horror film “Mirrors“, starring Kiefer Sutherland (TV’s 24) and directed by French helmer Alexandre Aja (High Tension). In “Mirrors,” Sutherland will play an ex-cop who works security at a mall and discovers something awry in the mirrors of a department store. He tries to discover the origin of the evil. In addition to Sutherland, the film also stars Paula Patton, who will play the guard’s soon-to-be ex-wife, a coroner who has a hard time believing her husband’s claims, at least initially.

“Mirrors” “Mirrors”

Recently Aja revealed that the MPAA gave the film an R rating with no cuts, even with its graphic core. “We’re in a very good way surprised that they let us go with much more than we expected,” he said. Check out “The Mirrors” in theaters on August 15th.
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