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New A-Team Photo

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New A-Team Photo

The A-Team 20th Century Fox has released a new photo from upcoming film adaption of “The A-Team” and it features Col. John “Hannibal” Smith (Liam Neeson), Lt. Templeton “Faceman” Peck (Bradley Cooper), Capt. ‘Howling Mad’ Murdock (Sharlto Copley), B.A. Baracus (Quinton “Rampage” Jackson). In the film, a group of Iraq War veterans looks to clear their name with the U.S. military, who suspect the four men of committing a crime for which they were framed LA Times’ Hero Complex talked with director  Joe Carnahan (Narc, Smokin’ Aces) about the differences between the television show and the new movie.
People are a lot more keen and savvy. If you tried to put that show out today, you wouldn’t get away with what they got away with… I mean, Murdoch for what passed as crazy 25 years ago? It doesn’t hold up. Nowadays, you have Steve-O on ‘Jackass’ strapping on a g-string made out of chicken parts and rappelling over an alligator pit. So you have to reevaluate things like ‘crazy.
“The A Team”, big screen adaptation of the 80’s TV show, is scheduled to hit theaters on June 11th, 2010.
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