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New Photos From BEFORE MIDNIGHT Starring Ethan Hawke And Julie Delpy

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New Photos From BEFORE MIDNIGHT Starring Ethan Hawke And Julie Delpy

Before Midnight - Red Carpet The third romantic outing for Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy, Before Midnight debuted for the lucky few at Sundance yesterday. Some new images have arrived online for the final installment in the slacker romance trilogy. After Before Sunrise and Before Sunset, director Richard Linklater this time bringing lovers Jesse and Celine back together in Greece. Hawke had previously teased that:
Obviously we wanna make the fans happy, you know, and give them what they want. And at the same time, you can’t make everybody happy. You just can’t do it. So we have to try to just have the same attack and just kinda try to be ruthlessly honest and really tell the story about where we think these people are in their lives right now.
The film re-unites the stars ten years after we left their saga with Jesse missing his plane back to the States at the end of Sunset . Before Midnight will head to the Berlin International Film Festival next month. No distribution deal has been announced yet, but expect it in UK cinemas sometime later this year. Before Midnight-01 Before Midnight-02 Before Midnight-03 Before Midnight-04 Source: TLDU
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