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Jose Coronado - Enrique Urbizu - Goya Cinema Awards

‘No habra paz para los malvado’ (No Rest for the Wicked ), the big winner of the night at the Goyas, February 19 in Madrid has beaten Pedro Almodovar’s ‘La piel que habito’ (The Skin I Live In) and took the best film award while its Spanish director Enrique Urbizu and actor Jose Coronado picked up prizes in their respective categories. The film, which won 6 of the 14 awards for which it was nominated, tells the story of a police inspector investigating the disappearance of a woman who gets caught up in a deadly shoot-out that sets him on the trail of a witness. Silent movie The Artist won the Best European Film prize at the Spanish cinema awards. Elena Anaya won the best actress prize at the 26th Goya awards for her part in the Pedro Almodovar film about a plastic surgeon with a dark past. The star of that film, Spanish actor Antonio Banderas, was nominated but missed out on the best actor award. The Goya prize for best Spanish-American film went to the Argentinian movie Un cuento Chino (Chinese Take-Away). Presenters at the 2012 Premios Goya ceremony included Victoria Abril,Belén Rueda, Eduardo Noriega, Carlos Saura, and Salma Hayek. An incident occurred when three members of Anonymous sneaked past extreme police and private security controls to jump onto the stage as the event was at one of its highest points. A complete list of winners follows: Film: No Rest for the Wicked, Enrique Urbizu Director: Enrique Urbizu, No Rest for the Wicked New Director: Kike Maillo, Eva Original Script: Enrique Urbizu and Michel Gaztambide, No Rest for the Wicked Adapted Script: Angel de la Cruz, Ignacio Ferreras, Paco Roca and Rosanna Cecchini, Wrinkles Original Score: Alberto Iglesias, The Skin I Live In Original Song: Nana de la hierbabuena, for La voz dormida Lead Actor: Jose Coronado, for No Rest for the Wicked Lead Actress: Elena Anaya, for The Skin I Live In Supporting Actor: Lluis Homar, for Eva Supporting Actress: Ana Wagener, for The Sleeping Voice New Actor: Jan Cornet, for The Skin I Live In New Actress: Maria Leon, for The Sleeping Voice Production Design: Andres Santana, for Blackthorn Photography: Juan Antonio Ruiz Anchia, for Blackthorn Editing: Pablo Blanco, for No Rest for the Wicked Artistic Director: Juan Pedro de Gaspar, for Blackthorn Wardrobe: Clara Bilbao, for Blackthorn Makeup and Hair: Karmele Soler, David Marti and Manolo Carretero, for The Skin I Live In Sound: Licio Marcos de Oliveira and Ignacio Royo-Villanova, for No Rest for the Wicked Special Effects: Arturo Balseiro and Lluis Castells, for Eva Animated Feature: Wrinkles Documentary Film: Escuchando al juez Garzon Ibero-American Film: Un cuento chino European Film: The Artist Spanish Fiction Short: El barco pirata Animated Short: Big Boy Documentary Short: Regreso a Viridiana Honorary Goya: Josefina Molina [youtube][/youtube] Source: THR
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