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Pablo Stoll Will Shock You With A Zombie Movie THE SUMMER HIT!

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Pablo Stoll Will Shock You With A Zombie Movie THE SUMMER HIT!

Pablo Stoll Uruguayan director Pablo Stoll is probably best known as a director of Whisky, quite successful movie that even managed to win the Regard Original Award at the 2004 Cannes Film Festival. In case this still means nothing to you, relax, we’re just here to report that Stoll has a serious plan to helm a zombie movie! In other words, if everything goes well – we’ll be hearing a lot about Stoll and his next movie titled The Summer Hit! So, at this moment we know that The Summer Hit is set up at Temperamento Films, Stoll’s new production company, and that he’s completing a first draft of a script. Then, he will continue the whole thing together with his Whisky co-scribe Gonzalo Delgado. According to Variety, this zombie-story will be set at a Uruguay beach resort, and will center on a character named Santi, who meets the girl of his dreams. But a teen romantic comedy morphs into a thriller, and then into… well, into a zombie movie. Apparently, the new movie will shock some Stoll loyalists which is exactly what he wants. The Summer Hit will be a Latin American co-production, or, as Stoll revealed:
Our brochure says Latin America has the right to see its own zombies. In Latin America, some people these days are asking not what film they should make, but what film they want to make. That’s an important change.
In addition to that, Stoll also said that the teen cast will be multinational, given that Brazilians, Argentineans and Chileans also summer in Uruguay. Well, this definitely sounds interesting, I say – let’s give Stoll and his team a chance!
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