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Patrick Lussier & Laeta Kalogridis To Write New TERMINATOR!

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Patrick Lussier & Laeta Kalogridis To Write New TERMINATOR!


It goes like this – Patrick Lussier and Laeta Kalogridis have been hired to pen a script for the next Terminator movie! Now, you’re free to ask: wtf? I’m a huge Terminator fan, and honestly – I have no idea what to expect from this strange duo. I mean, it sounds like a bad joke at this moment, but what the hell – maybe that’s exactly what we need? Or, not after all…?

So, let’s see – Lussier is best known for that Drive Angry thing and My Bloody Valentine 3D. Kalogridis, on the other hand, worked on the Avatar script with James Cameron, she also scripted Alexander for Oliver Stone, but is probably best known for writing the Shutter Island script.

I know what you’re thinking right now – definitely a strange combination for Terminator 5! But, unfortunately – that’s basically all we know about this project so far, ’cause let me remind you – there’s no director attached at the moment, and there’s still nothing official about Arnold Schwarzenegger‘s possible involvement in the whole thing.

Stay tuned for more updates, this should be interesting!


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