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Paul Giamatti To Star As Rhino In SPIDER-MAN 2

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Paul Giamatti To Star As Rhino In SPIDER-MAN 2

Giamatti-Rhino Looks like Paul Giamatti’s long-time dream comes true in reality. Giamatti saw himself as The Rhino two years ago and now comes word that he’s in talks to join The Amazing Spider-Man 2 to play the villain of the same name. Additionally, Felicity Jones (Like Crazy), fresh off the Sundance Film Festival where she starred in Breathe In, is in talks for an undisclosed role in the Marc Webb’s upcoming sequel. In Marvel Comics lore Rhino is the alter-ego of Aleksei Mikhailovich Sytsevic, a Soviet thug with a suit that gives him super strength and speed which first appeared in 1966s The Amazing Spider-Man #41. Rhino, SPIDER-MAN Rhino, SPIDER-MAN Giamatti earlier said:
The Rhino was fantastic. He was, like, a Russian guy. He was real fast and he hit stuff real hard. He had, like, a rhino suit on, and his face was sticking out of the rhino suit and he had a horn.
After Jamie Foxx was announced to join the Spider-Man 2 cast as bad guy Electro, TASM will be getting another new villain. The duo will join The Amazing Spider-Man 2 cast that includes returning members Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone along with newcomers Foxx, Shailene Woodley (Mary Jane Watson) and Dane DeHaan (Harry Osborn). The Spidey sequel is eyeing a February production start for a May 2nd, 2014 release date. Giamatti is currently shooting the JFK drama Parkland. Felicity Jones Source: Heat Vision
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