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Ric Roman Waugh To Helm Sci-Fi Thriller TIPPING POINT

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Ric Roman Waugh To Helm Sci-Fi Thriller TIPPING POINT

Ric Roman Waugh - Snitch Set Relativity Media has closed a deal with Felon and Snitch director Ric Roman Waugh to helm and rewrite sci-fi thriller that is currently titled Tipping Point. A tense, riveting sci-fi  is based on the original draft from Todd Stein (2:22). A short story Tipping Point, which was published in 2010 on Mulholland Books’ Popcorn Fiction site paints an ominous picture of the world 100 years into the future. The world’s population approaches 10 billion and having children without a license is punishable by death. On the other side, the dedicated officer Solomon Cage discovers two fugitives he’s been pursuing are the love of his life who mysteriously disappeared years ago and the 12-year-old son he never knew he had. You can read the entire short story on and here is an excerpt from the beginning:
Twelve Billion. That was the tipping point. That number was officially hit on September 18, 2018, the day everything changed. The Water Wars began six months later and left twenty-six million dead and a continent abandoned. Antarctica was gone. Africa was uninhabitable. We were heading quickly toward the extinction of mankind, and everyone knew it. April 23, 2026. That was the day Zero Growth was instituted. Population growth had reached unsustainable levels. Deaths were down dramatically due to advances in genetic medicine. The average life span was now 108.7 years of age. There was only one enemy now. One enemy that would destroy us all. Too many people.
Waugh recently wrapped the action thriller Snitch starring Dwayne Johnson, which opens February 22nd, 2013 and is also attached to Deepwater Horizon, a movie based on the oil spill disaster from 2010. Look for more updates soon! Relativity Media - Logo Source: Variety
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