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Sacha Baron Cohen filming ‘Bruno’

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Sacha Baron Cohen filming ‘Bruno’

Sacha Baron Cohen, best known for his roles as Ali G and Borat, probably filming some footage for Bruno movie.
Sacha Baron Cohen filming 'Bruno'
Where Borat critically examined the English-speaking world through the eyes of a mildly-offensive racial stereotype, Bruno does the same thing as a mildly-offensive racial and homosexual stereotype. Others stars of the film will be the 43 people who didn’t see Borat and won’t immediately start doing impressions at the sight of the lightly-disguised actor. reports that an eyewitness has seen Sacha Baron Cohen filming some footage in Los Angeles for his movie ‘Bruno’ The witness said:
“I saw Sacha Baron Cohen doing filming as Bruno (gay Austrian) at On Your Marks Studio in Sherman Oaks on Feb. 21st. He was dressed in tight leather black pants with a bedazzeled g-string showing. his hair was frosted blond and straight.”
He added that the Borat depicter pretended to be an ad agent looking for a child to do commercial saying:
“He was interviewing parents with their children pretending to be an german / austrian ad agent looking for a child to do a car commercial. He asked questions like : are you willing to film your child with ants? bees or wasps? dogs? ect. very funny.”
Director: Dan Mazer Writer: Sacha Baron Cohen Release Date: 24 October 2008 (wide)

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