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Sam Raimi to Direct “The Shadow”?

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Sam Raimi to Direct “The Shadow”?

The Shadow Sam Raimi’s next project, now that he’s out of Spider-Man franchise, would be “World of Warcraft” but now IESB reports that Raimi, who was already set to produce reboot of “The Shadow,” may be considering directing the film as well. The character originated in radio plays broadcast during the 1930s and 1940s and has since featured in several comic strips, comic books and graphic novels. An expert marksman and fighter with the power to influence minds, The Shadow – real name Lamont Cranston – has also been seen in five films, most recently a 1994 release starring Alec Baldwin which remains a fan favourite to this day. A script for the reboot was reportedly written by newcomer Slavash Farahani, here’s an excerpts from IESB:
Some of the lines voiced by The Shadow echo “Batman Begins”, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The way he approaches a criminal situation are very similar to “The Punisher” and “Batman”. His vigilante reputation where he is still looked at as a criminal by the police and the public echoes the ending of “The Dark Knight” and the agents give you a taste of “Wanted”. I hope that if this film does indeed make it to screen because if you are a comic-book fan you will love this script and a possible film, it is the general public that might not get on board as they should.
There is nudity and some brutal fight scenes. A man thrown into meat grinder and coming out as ground beef on the other side. Broken bones at every turn. Body parts strewn around a train station. Hookers servicing males.
You’re looking at an “R” rating which ultimately can hurt box office if not given right type of marketing. Columbia Pictures doesn’t want this to become the next “Watchmen” or “Punisher: War Zone” but if you go to a PG 13 you lose the ferocity of “The Shadow” that Farahanl so meticulously crafted.”
Raimi loves the script and is now keen on directing it as his next project, with a 2012 release in mind, so we’ll see what happens. Do you want Raimi to take on The Shadow or Warcraft next? Let us know what you think in the comments… The Shadow (1994) movie preview: [youtube][/youtube]
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