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Shanghai Movie Trailer

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Shanghai Movie Trailer


There was something strange about this project from the start. Good story, good director, great cast, but, still, a lot of difficulties for Mikael Hafstrom‘s Shanghai.

Chow Yun-Fat, John Cusack, Gong Li, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Franka Potente, David Morse, Ken Watanabe all star in this intense thriller set in Shanghai, that (if you remember) was not allowed to film in China.

Anyway, we finally have something interesting to share with you – an international Shanghai trailer. Enjoy this movie clip, and check the rest of this report…

Here’s the official Shanghai synopsis part: “Nothing is what it seems in this Casablanca-style international thriller set in the ancient Chinese city a week before the attack on Pearl Harbor. U.S. Secret Agent Paul Soames (John Cusack) has just arrived to investigate the murder of his best friend, only to become quickly immersed in a web of conspiracy and lies that beset the city.

Shadowed by a Japanese intelligence officer Tanaka (Ken Watanabe), Soames’ investigation quickly centers on a charismatic local gangster, Anthony Lanting (Chow Yun-Fat) – and Lanting’s beautiful wife, Anna (Gong Li). Before long, Soames and Anna are involved in an affair that will put everything they have at stake. As national loyalties are traded fast-and-loose for those of the heart, Soames and Anna must race to solve the mystery and make it out of occupied China before the city’s collapse.”

This interesting story is directed by Swedish filmmaker Mikael Hafstrom, that you all remember from titles like Days Like This, Dearailed as well as 1408 that also starred John Cusack. On the other hand, the script was written by Oscar nominated writer Hossein Amini.

We still have no idea when Shanghai will hit the theaters (although we had a chance to hear the rumor that refers to the fall this year), but we do know that The Weinstein Company picked up distribution rights to this last year.

We’ll keep an eye on this project, and you guys, make sure you stay with us. Enjoy the trailer!


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