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New STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS Hidden International Poster

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New STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS Hidden International Poster

Star Trek2 Into Darkness-Poster Slice Earlier today, Paramount Pictures released the new international trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness, and J.J. Abrams and Bad Robot folks left fans a surprise in the trailer. A close look reveals a number of different URLs which can be typed in to find five localized versions of the latest international poster. URL for UK and Australian trailers, which are exactly the same, was hidden in a very interesting shot. On the right next to Alice Eve you would spot the URL:

UK-Aussie Poster-Hidden URL

The Brazilian hidden URL is:

Brazil Poster-Hidden URL

The Mexican hidden URL is:

Mexican Poster-Hidden URL

The Russian hidden URL was tricky, but it works out to be

Russian Poster-Hidden URL

The German hidden URL was even trickier, but it is

German Poster-Hidden URL

Thanks to TrekMovie for the heads-up and freeze-frames. Star Trek 2-Alice Eve-Underwear Hit the jump to check out the new poster it led to. Star Trek2 Into Darkness-Poster

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