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STAR WARS: Samuel L. Jackson Wants To Return In Episode VII

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STAR WARS: Samuel L. Jackson Wants To Return In Episode VII

Mace Windu-Samuel L. Jackson The list of Star Wars alumni throwing their hats in the ring for Episode VII continues to grow. This time Samuel L. Jackson has revealed his desire to return in the highly anticipated sequel trilogy. The actor who portrayed Jedi Master Mace Windu recently told E! News at the Spike TV Video Game Awards Friday:
I’m not surprised but totally geeked by the idea of there being more Star Wars. It’s like, okay, Obi-Wan was dead when episode four started, so maybe everyone thinks I’m dead and we’ll find out what happened to Mace Windu. I can come back as one-armed or a one-handed Jedi that’s still around that didn’t actually die.
When asked by E! News if he would definitely come back, he replied:
Hell yeah! I could do that or be a ghost hologram. I don’t care. I just want to stay associated with the franchise. Not that I won’t because I’ve been in three of them. I just always loved it. I always loved the idea of it, that there’s this whole civilization out there somewhere else that’s just as much fun and different and diverse and wild as we are.
In this moment, Michael Arndt is writing the screenplay, but it isn’t known if Jackson’s character will be included in the script. Star Wars: Episode VII is slated for a 2015 release.

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